Connect Wonderware Intouch to an Arduino Yun using Arduino OPC Server and Wonderware´s FSGateway DAServer

First of all I want to greet to Alex Marcy for share his knowledge to build this tutorial. Thank you Alex!!!

This tutorial will guide you in configuring Wonderware InTouch to an Arduino Yun using the Arduino OPC Server and Wonderware’s FSGateway DAServer. You can just as easily configure a serial Arduino, see the tutorials on how to configure the Arduino OPC Server for more information on that configuration. The screenshots are from Intouch 2012 R2 but the process should be similar with any version of InTouch.

Open the Random_Yun example from the OPC library in the Arduino IDE and upload to your Arduino.

Install FSGateway from the Wonderware DAServer disc. After installing FSGateway open the System Management Console.

In the Archestra System Management Console expand the tree and click on “Configuration” under the FSGateway DAServer. Right click on Configuration after you have selected it and click “Add OPC Object”:

Select the new OPC Object and in the right pane click the … button next to “Server Name” to select the Arduion OPC server on your machine. If it is installed on a different machine select the machine in the “Server Node” box:

Click on the OPC Object in the tree and then right click on it to add an OPCGroup Object:

Select the OPC group object and in the right pane click “Browse OPC Items”:

This will show the OPC Browse dialog with the “random” OPC item from the Arduino sketch listed in the top pane:

Click the items you want to make available in InTouch and drag/drop them to the lower pane. When you have added all of the desired items click “OK”:

If you click on the “Device Items” tab of the OPC Group you will see the items you added:

Click the save button in the upper right corner of the System Management Console and activate the FSGateway DAServer by right clicking on it and selecting “Activate Server”:

Open InTouch:

Add a new application:

Select the new application and open WindowMaker:

Go to Access Names and add the FSGateway DAServer with the topic name set to match the OPC Group name in the System Management Console:

Go to the Tagname Dictionary and add a new tag. For the tutorial we will call it “random”, set it to an I/O integer, set the Access Name the same as the one configured in the previous step and set the item name to match the left column under “Device Items” for the OPC Group in the System Management Console. Once you have configured the tag click “Save”:

Create a new window and add a text object to the window. Set the text to any number of # symbols to display a number:

Double click on the text object to bring up the animation settings:

Click the “Analog” button under “Value Display”. Enter the name of the tag you created here. Click OK and OK Again to close the animation settings window.

Save your screen and open Windowviewer and you should see the value update:

Alex Marcy