Cryptocurrencies Lab

Cryptocurrencies Lab

Are you interested in get some cryptocurrencies? Have you heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc... and want to start to collect some of them?. I will try to help you to know about that.


Step 1. Get your own digital wallet

You need to have a wallet to store your virtul coins but is desirable to have only one walle that can store different kind of coins. I use a mobile app so can get my coins with me and if I lost my phone can restore all funds using a passphrase so is secure and portable.


My recomendation for Android users is Coinomi at


Step 2. Register into a Micropayment Platform

A micropayment platform is a service that allows to easily send payments as a website/faucet owner to users wallets. You have to register and configure your wallet addresses from your original wallet (only the public address). The best and widly used is FaucetHub.


You can use this link for the registration procedure

Once registered you should import your wallet addresses where faucets will send you the coins. When you reach a minimum value of a kind coins you could withdraw they to your personal wallet. Dont worry, you will reach it fast.


Step 3. Use faucets

From the left menu use the desirable coin faucets.



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