WinCC and Arduino

First of all I want to greet to Sergey Kopylov for share his knowledge to build this tutorial. Thank you Sergey!!!

Hardware and Software used


  • Arduino Uno Rev. 3
  • A few buttons, resistors and LEDs


  • Arduino IDE v1.0.5
  • OPC Server for Arduino v1.3
  • Simatic WinCC v6.2 sp3

Creating the WinCC Project

now we need to add the OPC Driver

The OPC drivers is provided by WinCC and you can find it in the WinCC “bin” folder

A new OPC Group will be created in the “Tag Management”

Now is time to create a “New Driver Connection” in the OPC Groups

Now we must to confgure Connection Properties

Select the ArduinoSerialOPCDAServer.1 from the OPC Scout

Yo can press “Test Server” button to test if all is ok

And now you can add new tags inside the Arduino_OPC connection

Binary tag creation

I found the Item Name with the OPC Scout

This name contains the Arduino Name in the OPC Server for Arduino and the Item name in your Arduino Sketch (in my case “I_0”)

Floating-point tag creation

Unsigned integer tag creation

With all tags created you can design the forms with the Graphics Designer

If interesed, you can download the sketch used in this project here

Sergey Kopylov


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