Easty test of your OPC sketch using Arduino YÚN

This time we will see how to test our sketch to operate with the Arduino YÚN. First of all we could load an OPC Example as Random_yun sketch for test its operation.

Test Arduino YUN OPC sketch

Note the IP address of the Arduino YÚN Wireles network ( in this case) and the declared item in the sketch.

Declared items in the Arduino YÚN sketch

Now you can navigate to the IP address of the Arduino Wireles YÚN network and browse the declared OPC items from the sketch (in this case “random”). You can get the value from the Arduino YÚN using the next url:

How to get the OPC item value from Arduino YUN

You can send values to the Arduino YÚN too. Load the “WriteDigital_yun” sketch and try to turn on the led:

Arduino YUN write digital values
Turning on Arduino YUN led using the browser

You can turn of it using “led=0”.

I hope this short tutorial will help you to test your use of the OPC interface with the Arduino YÚN.

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