Testing Arduino OPC Server usign dOPC Explorer

First you have to download it from http://www.dopc.kassl.de/explorer.shtml

Once installed, execute it and start to add your OPC Servers.

Add Arduino OPC Server to dOPC Explorer

Select the Arduino OPC Server from all OPC Servers installed in your machine

Select Arduino OPC Server to dOPC Explorer

Once selected you can connect to it so it will start running and start to comunicate with your Arduino (if it were well configurated before). Read and follow here the installation guide if you have not done so before.

Connect Arduino OPC Server to dOPC Explorer

Now you can populate opc items from your Arduino to share data betwen your dOPC Explorer Client and your Arduino.

Arduino OPC Items
Getting OPC Item Values

Now we are going to create a group to retrieve a lot of opc items from Arduino at some speed.

First we have to create a OPC Group with some name (p.e. test) and the desired update rate:

Add opc group to get Arduino values

You should activate the new group and set the update rate up to 20ms!! (typical applications work fine with 1 sec)

Configure Arduino OPC Group

Now assign some OPC Items from Arduino to that group:

Add opc items to Arduino group

Now we have to browse OPC Items from Arduino and add them to the created group:

Add OPC Items to Arduino OPC Group

And now we can watch their values from Arduino at real time (remember to activate the group if you have not done before):

Real Time values from Arduino
Arduino real time using OPC Technology

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